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NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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No Assembly Required - New Album - FREE [04 Dec 2009|06:03pm]

Download the new NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED album for free!!
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System [25 Oct 2007|02:23pm]
Whats up Everyone? Our Facebook group has reached over 400 people in such a short time! Big thank you to all who joined!

We have a lot going on in the next year. We got the new album "The Great Tribulation" coming out the end of 2007, We got a new video being done for the track "I Hate" in early 2008, and another new CD coming out in mid 2008, along with some free recordings and downloads we'll be putting online of un released songs.

All Facebook members, please, feel free to invite all your friends to join the group as well. Just simply go to the group's page and click on "invite people to join" and add everyone you know!

We've also recently celebrated our 8 year anniversary of our first show ever, its been a long time, but its been so much fun... so to the people who have supported us over this 8 year period, much love. we thank you so much.

for more news, and info on winning a free NAR CD and Shirt, read below.

Thanks again for everything. Cheers!

System of No Assembly Required
Other News:
our new web page is up and running. go check it out, we have an updated merch section, so go stop in, buy some music, and some t-shirts.
like i said above, we got a new merch section on our page, and you can buy one of five new NAR t-shirts.

To see all the shirts and merch we have for sale, go to:
its simple. invite all your friends to our facebook group, and message us letting us know you did, we will keep your name on file, and be checking all the new people who join the group. We will take all the names of people who actually did invite lots of people, and we will send out T-shirts to the winner/winners. Winner/Winners will be randomly picked. If lots of people get involved, we will send out t-shirts to more than one person. Other people might just get free CD's. So when you message us letting us know you invited people, include your shipping address, and t-shirt size.

Facebook Group:

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System [12 Sep 2007|01:00pm]
Come check out NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED's Toronto return show!!!

Friday, September 14, 2007 at 8:00pm
The Metal Bar
1305 Dundas St West (Between Ossington and Dufferin)
Toronto, ON

Its been awhile since I posted in the band journal, there will be more posts in the future. lots more to come, come check out the show, we got all kinds of new merch. cheers.
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System [16 Nov 2006|04:55pm]
just letting you all know that we got new T-shirts for sale!! If you're interested, and wanna support us... let us know.

$25 a shirt, that includes shipping!!! - discounts on orders of 2 or more shirts. (usa and canada only)

Shirts come in sizes - S, M, L, XL, and add $5 for XXL, and XXXL. Also Girls Small and Girls Medium available.

click on image to see the logo bigger. leave me a message on LJ with your e-mail address if you want one.

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System [22 Oct 2006|05:00pm]
7 years ago today, it was official.

We played our first show in Toronto Ontario.

7 years later we are celebrating the anniversary of our first show. 7 years later we are still going strong and are getting ready to release our new album 'the great tribulation'

thanks for all the anniversary wishes from all who remembered.

in the past 7 years we've became one of the biggest metal bands in toronto, we've had a successful video that made it on much music, much loud, mtv 2, mtv canada, and more, we've played with many amazing bands like damageplan, machine head, ill nino, 40 below summer, staind, sevendust, devildriver, spineshank, and many more

we've got to tour and meet amazing people everywhere we go. its been a blast!

these next 7 years will be bigger then the last!

System [08 Aug 2006|04:30pm]
Whats up people? Its been a long while. We got lots of news, so I will do my best to say this fast.

New Album, New Label. March 2007 our album will be released world wide. More details on that to come soon. That will take lots of time to explain.

But onto other big things, we are starting up playing shows again, and what a way to kick off a return.

August, 13 2006 at LOCOBAZOOKA - Tweeter Center
885 S Main St, Mansfield, MA 02048

We are playing Locobazooka with Alice in Chains, Powerman 5000, Buckcherry, Days of the New, Ra, Wicked Wisdom, and more...

Hit us up if you're willing to make the trip out to catch us live for our first show in Massachusetts in over a year! with all new material...

Also, pick up a new NAR shirt... check the post below this one, if you wanna show some love and support, pick one up.


ORDER NEW NAR Shirts NOW!!!! [08 Aug 2006|04:20pm]
New NAR shirts are ready to be ordered.

$25 a shirt, that includes shipping!!!

Shirts come in sizes - S, M, L, XL, and add $5 for XXL, and XXXL

We accept, credit card, pay pal, money orders, and even cash. If you do mail cash, send it registered mail.

Please reply with the size of shirt you want. (Girl shirts can be made too) And reply with your desired payment method. We will direct you how to pay.

discounts on orders of 2 or more shirts.

This is the logo that will appear on the new t-shirts.

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The Great Tribulation: studio diary #12 [13 Feb 2006|11:55pm]
mixing is half done, we should be done by the end of the month.

4 more studio picturesCollapse )


The Great Tribulation: studio diary #11 [10 Feb 2006|11:50pm]
we finally started mixing the album. its sounding like the best stuff we've ever done by far. more pictures to come, and soon enough some audio samples up on myspace.

9 more studio picturesCollapse )


The Great Tribulation: studio diary #10 [23 Jan 2006|03:25pm]
today we got most of the bass tracked, we still have some guitar over dubs to finish and some key boards. vocals are 100% done. we will have more studio updates all week long.

4 more studio picturesCollapse )


The Great Tribulation: studio diary #9 [20 Jan 2006|11:00pm]
today we finished some vocal over dubs and started to get some bass tone. there will be more pictures and updates coming soon, the album is almost finished.

4 more studio picturesCollapse )


The Great Tribulation: studio diary #8 [22 Dec 2005|11:20pm]
today we finished most of the guitars. guitars are sounding awesome, this is probably the last studio update for the year. we will have more in the early new year as well as some samples off the new album sometime in january. happy holidays to everyone, see you in 2006.

4 more studio picturesCollapse )


The Great Tribulation: studio diary #7 [14 Dec 2005|11:55pm]
today we started tracking guitars. system spent a few hours yesterday getting sounds, and trying shit out, after finally getting the perfect sound, recording began today. in only 2 and a half hours system finished 1 guitar track for each song. guitars are sounding awesome, and finally the album is coming together nicely. all this week we should be working on guitars. more updates real soon.

4 more studio picturesCollapse )


The Great Tribulation: studio diary #6 [25 Nov 2005|03:15am]
today luca started to lay down some of his singing tracks. we got all the screaming done, and there was lots. singing should be done in a day or two, then we'll start on guitars and bass. we hope to have everything tracked and have a rough mix of a new song up online before the new year. keep checking back all this up coming week for lots more studio updates.

4 more studio picturesCollapse )


The Great Tribulation: studio diary #5 [18 Nov 2005|11:55pm]
vocals have been coming along great, we are almost all done tracking them, here are more pictures of luca from the 18th of november doing his thing inside the studio. things are moving fast, we wanted to get the album done for the end of the year, things don't look like that will be possible, we're looking at an early 2006 release. around april possibly. but it will be worth the wait. more news to come soon, and don't forget... news including a special guest visiting the studio to lay down a guest vocal track very soon.

9 more studio picturesCollapse )


The Great Tribulation: studio diary #4 [16 Nov 2005|10:00pm]
we've been hard at work in the studio for the past few days finishing up vocal tracks. guitar and bass hasn't been started yet, but we will start in a week or so once all vocals are finished up. check back next week for more updates, including a special guest visiting the studio to lay down a guest vocal track.

4 more studio picturesCollapse )

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The Great Tribulation: studio diary #3 [08 Nov 2005|11:20pm]
with drums being finished, guitars and bass were set to be next, but some special gear that was ordered in for guitar is not due to arrive until next week, so we decided to get an early start on some vocals tracks. luca was feeling the vibe and finished half of his screaming vocal tracks in one night. plans for next week include finishing most or all of the vocals, and to start work on the guitars and bass.

4 more studio picturesCollapse )


The Great Tribulation: studio diary #2 [10 Oct 2005|02:10am]
Well, another busy few days in the studio. It feels good to be finally tracking the album at full force. October 7th and 8th we were in the studio tracking drums. We finished drums for 8 songs. The other 6 songs will be finished soon.

Now, here are some pictures for all to enjoy.

9 more studio picturesCollapse )

The updated track list for the album is also up on the web page, check it out.


The Great Tribulation: studio diary #1 [19 Sep 2005|11:50pm]
Here is the deal. From now on, every time we get some major studio work done, I will update the band journal with it.

Tonight we had a special guest in the studio. Shane from SILVERSTEIN.

Shane is a really cool guy, We've known eachother since we were about 12 i'd say... we both grew up in the same town. When we wrote the song "Pictures of You", we figured he would be the perfect man to get to do guest vocals for the screaming bridge part that Luca does on the demo version of the song.

So tonight he came in to lay down some guest vocals for the song before his band heads back out on tour. Here are some pictures of tonights fun in the studio.

4 more picturesCollapse )

Thats all for now, we'll have more studio fun soon!



System 86 [20 Aug 2005|04:10pm]
LOCOBAZOOKA - September 18th 2005 Fitchburg, MA

Everyone in the Massachusetts area must come check us out!!!

Bands: Disturbed, Ill Nino, Dope, Dropkick Murphys, Avenged Sevenfold, Smile Empty Soul, Clutch, Life of Agony, Seemless, Ten Years, Lost City Angels, Danko Jones, American Minor, Since The Flood, Bury Your Dead, Bloodsimple, God Forbid, and us...
No Assembly Required

also, some local and unsigned bands have been added like...

4 Degrees Warmer, A Breed Apart, Alter Ego, Blind By Noon, Bully, Crash Midnight, Escape To Everything, Hexerei, Italic, Jaded, Leaving Eden, Mad Hampster, One Flesh, Project_Broken, Reign of Pestilence, RPM, Shavahawk, Short Fuse, The Lifted, Tommy Coma, Trauma Concept, Troll, Valve Act

hope to see you all there!


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