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n_a_r's Journal

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Luca - Vocals
System - Guitar
Paul - Bass
Fernando - Drums
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    Many bands come and go in this over saturated world of music. But No Assembly Required make many appear lackluster in comparison. Charisma, talent, and passion is what makes No Assembly Required a force to be reckoned with. Their drive and dedication has kept them on top of the Hard Rock / Metal scene in their home town of Toronto, Ontario Canada for the past 10 years.

    After forming in 1999, No Assembly Required have spent several years fighting and striving for success in a scene that didn't want to acknowledge their presence. Ten years later they are still going strong. They have been dominating their genre not only, in Toronto or North America, but world wide. Thanks to technology, the internet has allowed No Assembly Required to reach out to countless fans all over the world to help spread the word of the band. The new album is finally upon us and "St. Petersburg" is set to break all personal records that their last releases "The Great Tribulation" and "Constructing The Machine" set for the band.

    The band was formed when vocalist Luca Mele and guitarist System met on the internet and found that they shared the same musical vision and passion. Since then they have found bassist Paul Amaral and drummer Fernando Villalobos on the internet as well, so it was fitting that the band used the internet as their main source of promotion for all these years.

    No Assembly Required, known to their army of fans simply as NAR has played countless shows all over the world with such national acts as: Damageplan, Machine Head, Staind, Devildriver, Ill Nino, 40 Below Summer, Spineshank, Powerman 5000, Sevendust, (hed)PE, Lacuna Coil, Avenged Sevenfold, Dog Fashion Disco, Byzantine, Skrape, Unloco, Factory 81, Memento, Flaw, Cave-In, Dope, Society 1, Smile Empty Soul, Ra, Drop Kick Murphys, Motograter, Clutch, Hotwire, Lo-Pro, Revis, God Forbid, E-Town Concrete, Mushroomhead, and many more. They have received great video rotation with their video for "Shove" on stations such as Much Music, MTV 2, MTV Canada, Edge TV, The WB, and even received 16 weeks of heavy rotation on Canadian rock station Much Loud. NAR has been getting much support from many of their musical peers world wide. Their debut album "Constructing The Machine" featured guest vocals from 40 Below Summer front man Max Illidge, while their last album "The Great Tribulation" featured guest vocals from Silverstein front man Shane Told.

    The band describes themselves as "Intense Vibecore". The said genre seems to be a very fitting description after a little explanation. "Intense Vibecore is what we create. Our music is filled with emotion, passion, truthful and honest vibes. When you throw on our record, what ever thoughts, feelings, emotions that fill your mind at that moment when you hear our thoughts, our words, our sound, is what we are. Who are we to label things for people? Feel the vibe, feel what we create and judge for yourself", says front man Luca Mele. "If we call ourselves Metal, people will just complain when we throw in a mix of something else. We have elements of everything in our music. We have new school metal and old school metal influences in us, stuff from emo, hardcore, industrial, and death metal to stuff like pop, jazz, funk, alternative, and simple rock ‘n roll. So why bother putting us under a label? Intense Vibecore is whatever we are to the listener in their own respective world."

    After ten years of trials and tribulations, "St. Petersburg" is finally here and it is a metal masterpiece. Rising from the ashes of their ten year tribulation, No Assembly Required offer us this work to show they are more driven now then ever before, and their passion for music cannot be stopped. No matter what happens along the way, no matter what the next ten years will hold, "St. Petersburg" is now, and while other bands wither away, NAR will remain metal titans on their rise to the top.

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